Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a surprise

What a surprise on the Yicrosoft Directory contest had gone out. Why? Out of no where this blog is now ranking 4th place on google for the targeted term. How many days remaining on the contest? Only 6 days to go before the judgment time. So be prepared.

But I am not expecting this blog to be there at the top of the search engine google. There are lots of good entries that can easily rank. Six Days is still a lot to happen so expect some twist on the ranking.

As we observe previously the rankings are shuffling from everyday. So just a goodluck to all the entries!

Monday, February 25, 2008

No Possibility

No possibility for me now to rank on Yicrosoft Directory seo Contest. It seems google don't anymore like the way I made this blog to participate on the said contest.

It would be better if I have participated with my own domain rather than this freely hosted blog.

Anyway few more days to go for all who have entered to win this seo contest at its final leg.

Goodluck to all entries to yicrosoft directory.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Our blog entry is no where to be found

Well well well, our entry to yicrosoft directory is no where to be found with only few days remaining in the contest so I guess no more time to rank it up to the first page.

Google seems to drop this domain up and down on its index that I don't have a clue on it.

So better yet we will just congratulate the future winner of the contest. Goodluck to the top competing entries.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yicrosoft directory indexed and deindexed

I have seen for a few days that this blog was indexed on google but checking now, it seems it was again drop by the big G. So how can I rank? Obviously you cannot.

So I cannot expect that this blog will rank and win the yicrosoft directory contest. Better do things other than yicrosoft directory and maybe I can get the price much higher that what I will earn doing this seo.

But we are still hoping that at least google will indexed us to use this blog for other purpose beside yicrosoft directory.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yicrosoft Directory entry still not index

It seems google will not index this entry of mine, and they are now looking on the new blogs created from blogger that is being used for the sole purpose on SEO. Well I will not be surprised since even placing this link on some highly indexed pages, still google is not recognizing it.

Well it seems I need to say goodluck to all contestants to yicrosoft directory since this blog will definitely not make it to the top of the search engine google.

Wish you all your sites and play fair.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Make that valentine with Yahoo!

A nice little Yahoo! logo pointing to business and sales, lol. or maybe why not make or sing along with the video while this valentine pass.

check it out at

Well seasonal promotion, maybe much better and celebration galore on Microsoft and Yahoo if the deal continues!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bill Gates re-thinks on coming with Yahoo rejection

With Yahoo rejection on the proposed and unsolicited letter of acquisition by Microsoft after Bill Gates retirement, it seems the Bill will re-consider coming back to Microsoft to study of owning another search giant Yahoo!.

No wonder Bill already planned this type of acquisition before he retires and just implemented and sent the letter after he has officially retired in Microsoft works. Well, Bill still wants the work don't you think?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Yicrosoft Directory still not loved by google

Well still not being indexed by google so we cannot ranked for Yicrosoft Directory. Anyway, I need to place links now so google can follow and eventually index my site up.

Hopefully before this week-end fall in, we are already indexed and ranked for yicrosoft directory.

Hello to all entries, wait for me please! lol

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yicrosoft Directory entry waiting to be indexed

My entry to yicrosoft directory seo contest is not yet indexed by google. But good news is this blog was accepted as an official entry to the competition and hoping to win this one or just maybe on the frontpage.

Not much price but for a month you will have to implement what you have learned as an seo newbie.

Goodluck to all yicrosoft directory entries.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yicrosoft Directory updates

I have just sent an email about my intention to join this Yicrosoft Directory seo contest and hoping to be accepted with this blog as my official entry.

Checking in the results on google for "yicrosoft directory" without quotes ended up with 302, quite good numbers with just few days of announcement. All tld domains have been registered with keyword on it. With this blog, it is not that important, better learn how to optimize a free hosted blogspot blog.

Search result on google.

goodluck to all!

Yicrosoft Directory

I have created this blog to participate in the Yicrosoft Directory search engine optimization contest. This is just a month to win so maybe I will take part of it.

Official Keyword:Yicrosoft Directory

Official Rules

1. The site or blog you start must be BRAND NEW domain, no cached version, right out of the box. You may NOT use a subdomain or subfolder. All entries will be checked by a few of us prior to the contest start. You may also choose to use a free blogging service like Blogger, Wordpress, or whatever else…just make sure it’s new and has absolutely no backlinks.

2. No cloaking, hidden text, or any other blackhat tactics. This is a genuine test of your SEO skills, and we surely don’t want any cheaters. I have a very close friend who often wears a blackhat to check up on any suspicious activities!

3. Your new site/blog must have and maintain a link back to this contest post or the SEONoobs.Com homepage using the anchor text “SEO Help”.

4. After you start your site, you must contact me with your official entry domain name so I can start tracking it and qualify you as eligible.

So to qualify my linkback is on the sidebar, goodluck to all entries to this "Yicrosoft Directory" contest.